5 Common Types of Vehicle Damage Caused by Hail Storms

5 Common Types of Vehicle Damage Caused by Hail Storms

Your car may sustain a variety of damages from hailstorms. It can leave dents in metal panels, chip paint, and break windows.

Cosmetic damage with intact paint can be repaired by a technician using “paintless dent removal.” More damage to your car’s frame is more severe and should be repaired immediately.


Hail that hits metal surfaces such as cars creates dents. The size of the dents may vary depending on the force and the angle of impact. Dents usually affect the vehicle’s roof, hood, trunk, and side panels.

While these dents aren’t considered structural damage, they can lower your car’s resale value. A professional hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO shop can use paintless dent removal to remove these dents without repainting your vehicle.

However, if the dents penetrate the painted sections of your vehicle, you will likely need to get them repaired and repainted. This type of cosmetic damage can be more costly to fix. These repairs will be covered if you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy. For information on the plan’s terms, speak with your insurance agent.


Hail damages cars, roofs, windows, and windshields. Leaving your car in a garage or covered parking area during inclement weather is preferable if you reside in a hail-prone location. If not, and you get caught in a hailstorm with golf ball-sized hail, your vehicle may suffer from dents, chipped paint, or cracked glass.

Hail is clumps of ice that form when raindrops are carried upward by thunderstorm updrafts, reach extremely cold areas in the atmosphere and bump into other freezing raindrops. The resulting ice then forms into larger and heavier pieces, which fall to the ground. During hailstorms, it is also possible for hail to shatter car windows and break windshields, as well as puncture roofing shingles and damage house siding. Depending on the severity, filing an insurance claim for this damage can cost you money.


A major problem caused by hail is cracks. Usually, these cracks appear on windshields or windows and can eventually cause water damage to the vehicle’s interior. These cracks are more severe than dents and dings and should be repaired immediately.

Cosmetic damage with intact paint is the most minor type of hail damage. This damage includes small dents all over the car’s body panels that don’t affect the painted surface and can be repaired using paintless dent removal.

While this repair is fairly inexpensive, it’s still a detriment to your resale value, and you should fix it as soon as possible. If left unrepaired, it may cause your vehicle to rust or even break down in the future.

Structural Damage

Hail storms can cause structural damage to your vehicle. This includes bending body panels and making doors, hoods, or trunk lids challenging to open. It can also break windshields and windows.

Structural damage to your vehicle can affect its resale value. A cracked or chipped windshield will also hinder your visibility on the road. Knowing the difference between cosmetic and structural damage is essential so you can file an insurance claim if necessary.

Unlike other forms of damage, structural damage is considered permanent and can only be fixed by replacing the damaged part. Thousands of dollars may be spent on this, mainly if the dents are severe. In addition, repairing structural damage may increase the rate at which your car depreciates. This is why taking time and carefully reviewing your insurance policy before filing a claim is essential.

Water Damage

To make an informed decision regarding the required repairs, you must comprehend the various forms of hail damage that might affect your car. Cosmetic damages can affect resale value and should be repaired immediately. Structural damage should be addressed immediately because it can impact the safety and performance of your vehicle.

It is not uncommon for hail to shatter windshields and rear windows in cars. This type of damage can also affect sunroofs and moon roofs. It’s essential to stay inside your car or find cover when hail begins to fall.

There are many myths about what constitutes minor hail damage, but even pea-size hail can severely devalue your vehicle. Learn about the five most common types of hail damage to your vehicle so you know what to look for during a storm.