Nov 032011

Bagger 293

Giant Bucket -Wheel Excavator


The Bagger 293 is one of the largest machines ever manufactured and is used for excavating coal from the ground in Germany, each of its 20 buckets can remove 49 cubic feet of material!





Manufacturer: TAKRAF

Bagger 293 Excavating Coal!

Model:  SRS 8000

Tonnage: 14,200

Length: 738 ft

Height: 314 ft

Wheel Size: 70 ft diameter with 20 buckets

Max Throughput: 8.5 million cubic feet of earth per day!

Operators: 5

Owner: RWE Power AG (Germany)

Similar Models:  Bagger 281 (1958), Bagger 285 (1975), Bagger 287 (1976), Bagger 288 (1978), Bagger 291 (1993)

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