Nov 162011
IBM PC Junior


One night in the winter of 1985, my dad came home with a used Commodore 64 in a old cardboard box and suprised my brother and me with an early Christmas present .  Try as we might we could not get the cassette tape drive to play the one space game included with the mess of components.  We exchanged the C-64 for a newer IBM PCjr and were were not disappointed.

It came a wireless keyboard, optical mouse, dual floppy disk drives and even had the option of a hard drive!

We had access to hundreds of games including; Solitaire,  Leisure Suit Larry and King’s Quest I!   My brother and I  spent hundreds of hours playing games and typing up papers for school and printing them up on the dot matrix printer.  Eventually, we got a 2,400 baud modem a connected to many local BBSs and even used an early version of email. The system still works and my mom uses it for storing recipes!


King's Quest

Model: PCjr

Production Run: 1984-1987

CPU:  Intel 8088  (4.77 MHZ)

RAM: 64 kb  (Could be upgraded to 640 kb)

Disk Drive: 2 5.25 floppy disk drives

Operating System: DOS 2.10

Units Shipped: 500,000


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