Nov 232011

Voyager I

NASA launched the space probe Voyager I 2 days before my 4th birthday on Sept 5, 1977.  I can’t remember it very well,  because my house was adjusting to the birth of my new baby brother.  Later, I learned about the launches of Voyager I and II in grade school and was intrigued by the pictures it took of Jupiter and Saturn as it flew by!

Voyager I's Gold Plated Disk

It is also amazing that the probe will keep going on until it is stopped by something and it won’t even get within 1 light year of a star for 40,000 years.  In case someone or something finds the probe, a gold plated disk, containing information about Earth and humanity, has been included!  A twin probe, Voyager II was launched a few weeks earlier and is also traveling away from Earth.

Voyager I

Manufacturer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) United States

Launch Date: September 5, 1977

Dimensions: Small Car

Weight: 1,592 lb

Speed: 3.5 x the distance between the Earth and the Sun each year also known as Astronomical Units(AU)

Distance from Earth: 1.78×1010 km or 119 AU as of October 2011,