Dec 132011
Bobcat Cat loader S 175

Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader










Manufacturer: Bobcat- West Fargo, North Dakota

Model: V2203-M-DI

Engine: 42 hp

Weight: 6220 lbs

Load Rating: 1,750 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 24 gal diesel

Max Speed: 11 mph

Cost: ~ $20,000

Trivia: The term “Skid Steer” comes from the fact that the tires don’t turn to steer the vehicle, but instead turning is achieved by running the wheels  on each side at different speeds or directions.  This also means that the skid steer loader can turn in circles without moving forward or backward.

Dec 022011

Lanz Bulldog D6016

Manufacturer: Lanz(Germany) John Deere after 1956

Production Run: 1955-1962

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine: 1 cylinder diesel (60 hp)

Gearbox: 9 speed

Drive: 2 wheel drive

Number Produced: 220,00 for the whole Bulldog Line

Trivia:  The  Lanz Bulldog was so popular in Germany, that people still refer to Tractors as Bulldogs even though the Bulldog line has not been in production for decades!