Nov 282011


P&H 570 XPA loading coal into a dump truck.

P&H 570 XPA


Manufacturer: P&H Mining Equipment (Milwaukee WI)

First Use: 1991

Type: Crawler mining shovel

Weight: 2,100 tons

Bucket Capacity: 57.5 cubic yards

Boom: 70 ft

Location: Hunter Valley Mining(Australia)

Number Produced: 2

Trivia: World’s largest two crawler mining shovel!


P&H 570 XPA digging into a hill and making a large dump truck look tiny.

P&H 570 XPA


Nov 212011

Caterpillar 797

The Caterpillar 797 is such an amazingly huge vehicle that it is bigger than many peoples’ houses!   In an hour of operation, it uses about 60 gallons of fuel,which more than many peope use in a month in their car!   It can carry up to 360 tons of material in one load, and is designed to keep up with some of the biggest bucket excavators!





Caterpillar 797 Side

Caterpillar 797

Manufacturer: Caterpillar-Mining & Construction Equipment Division ( Decatur, Illinois)

Introduction: 1999

Engine:  3,211 hp

Capacity: 360 tons

Length: 47 ft

Width: 30 ft

Height: 23 ft (49 ft raised)

Fuel Tank: 1,000 gallons

MPG : .03 mpg

Top Speed: 40 mph loaded