Nov 022011
Steam Tug Yelta

Steam Tug Yelta


It is great to see older ships recycled and put into a new use instead of just being scrapped.  The Yelta had many years of use as a steam powered tug and now it has a second life taking tourists around Adelaide to see the sites and to view dolphins!






Manufacturer: Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Co, Sydney

Built: 1949, Restored 1985

Tonnage: 219.4 tonnes

Length: 103 ft

Breadth: 26 ft

Depth: 13 ft

Use: Before 1976, towing vehicles.  Since 1995, provides passenger tours around Adelaide.

Engine: 970 hp triple expansion reciprocating steam engine.  Originally coal powered, was converted to oil.

Owner: South Australian Maritime Museum. (Adelaide)