Leonardo da Vinci Helicopter and Lifting Win

I have loved machines since I was very little, almost 40 years ago!  Beyond toys, the first real machine that caught my eye was an old tractor on my grandfather’s farm.  My parents warned me to stay away from the tractor, but I couldn’t resist and would climb all over it when no one was looking.  I’m sure that I couldn’t have hurt the tractor, but I do remember getting a pretty bad cut from a jagged wire holding the seat together.

That did not change my love of machines and as with most people, most of my jobs have dealt with machines directly or indirectly.  My first real job was at company that made various computer components and I was really lucky to operate a giant heat press, use a microscope daily and solder thousands of diodes onto circuit boards.

Just out of college, I worked at a company that made pacemakers.  One of my duties was to make sure that each unit’s schematics were attached to the correct pacemaker in the computer system.  Later, I would process the old pacemakers when they came in from patients that had either died or had their old one replaced.

For the past 10 years, I have been doing consulting work  in the transportation industry with power companies, states, and cities.  I have found that power companies have some of the best machines around; aerial lift trucks, digger derricks, bulldozers, mobile generators, and hundreds of other different machines.  One company even had a few classic sports cars for some strange reason!

I have always loved learning about new machines.  Often, I will see an unfamiliar type of equipment being towed down the street and I will immediately memorize the name and get home and find out everything I can about the machine. After years of doing research that only benefits me, I decided to create this blog.  I’m not sure if anyone else will be interested in this information, but I know that I love it!

I am using the very broad definitions of machine that you can see below.  Occasionally, it might seem as if I have jumped off the rails, and wrote about something that isn’t 100% a machine, or I might start off talking about a machine and then talk more about a non-mechanical aspect.   I just ask that you bear with me and  I’ll get back on track as soon as I can!




    a. A device consisting of fixed and moving parts that modifies mechanical energy and transmits it in a more useful form.
    b. A simple device, such as a lever, a pulley, or an inclined plane, that alters the magnitude or direction, or both, of an applied force; a simple machine.
2. A system or device for doing work, as an automobile or a jackhammer, together with its power source and auxiliary equipment.
3. A system or device, such as a computer, that performs or assists in the performance of a human task: The machine is down.
4. An intricate natural system or organism, such as the human body.

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