Dec 052011
British Boeing 747

Boeing 747








Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Introduced: January 1970 (Pan Am)

Length: 231-250 ft *

Wingspan:  195-224 ft *

Weight: 735,000 -970,000 lbs *

Cruising  Speed: 570 mph

Range:  7,260 nautical miles

Fuel Capacity:  48,445-64,225 gal *

Trivia:  After it was decommissioned, the first commercial 747, the Juan T. Trippe, was shipped to South Korea and turned into a restaurant.  The restaurant was closed in 2009 and sadly the plane was demolished in 2010.

Boeing 747 sp getting ready for take off

Boeing 747 SP









*Higher number are variants



Dec 022011

Lanz Bulldog D6016

Manufacturer: Lanz(Germany) John Deere after 1956

Production Run: 1955-1962

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine: 1 cylinder diesel (60 hp)

Gearbox: 9 speed

Drive: 2 wheel drive

Number Produced: 220,00 for the whole Bulldog Line

Trivia:  The  Lanz Bulldog was so popular in Germany, that people still refer to Tractors as Bulldogs even though the Bulldog line has not been in production for decades!