Nov 022011
Steam Tug Yelta

Steam Tug Yelta


It is great to see older ships recycled and put into a new use instead of just being scrapped.  The Yelta had many years of use as a steam powered tug and now it has a second life taking tourists around Adelaide to see the sites and to view dolphins!






Manufacturer: Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Co, Sydney

Built: 1949, Restored 1985

Tonnage: 219.4 tonnes

Length: 103 ft

Breadth: 26 ft

Depth: 13 ft

Use: Before 1976, towing vehicles.  Since 1995, provides passenger tours around Adelaide.

Engine: 970 hp triple expansion reciprocating steam engine.  Originally coal powered, was converted to oil.

Owner: South Australian Maritime Museum. (Adelaide)

Nov 012011
Powell Street Cable Car

San Francisco Powell Street Cable Car


This cable car is really cool for two reason.  The first is that it and others in the fleet have been in service since the 1888s, over 120 years!  The second reason is that the cable cars do not have their own engine, but get their power from a cable running under the street.  The operator has to pull a lever to manually grip the cable!  Riding the cars is popular with San Francisco tourists and everyday commuters.


Manufacturer: Carter Brothers (Newark, California)

Weight: 15,500 lbs

Length: 27’6″

Width: 8′

Passenger Capacity: 29 Seated, 60 with Standing.

Engine: No individual engine.  Latches onto an underground 1.25 inch diameter cable driven by a 510 hp electric motor.

Top Speed: 9.5

OwnerSan Francisco Municipal Railway

First Run: 1894 for #506